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Hi, I’m Henrik

Software Developer at WakeSys — with a strong focus on web and serverless technologies.

[email protected]

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This is my personal timeline in sequential order without any algorithms tracking your behaviour or using your data to display ads. Enjoy ✌️


Me on stage at React Day Berlin 2023 talk

React Day Berlin 2023

What a blast! 🤩 It was so much fun to be on stage and give a lightning talk about web security. Thanks to everyone who supported me and made this possible. You can watch the live recording on YouTube and find my slide deck here. See you next year! ✌️

WakeSys's logo job

New Year, New Challenges 🤩

In the last 2.5 years, I worked as a cloud consultant at superluminar and helped clients to move their existing infrastructure to the cloud or implement new projects from scratch. With the support from all the talented people at superluminar, I learned a lot about running and operating microservices, automating developer workflows, and governing enterprise architectures.

At WakeSys, I have the great honour to take the knowledge and build a completely new product using state-of-the-art technologies.


Me on stage at Serverless Days Hamburg 2022 talk

First in-person workshop at Serverless Days Hamburg 🥳

After years of giving talks and workshops remotely, I could finally go on stage and give my first in-person workshop in Hamburg. The workshop was mainly for beginners just starting with AWS and Serverless. In the three hours we have spent together, we built a simple REST API to store and retrieve data from a database using API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB. The workshop material is open-source and available on GitHub.

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Demonstrating Indiepen's user interface foss

Indiepen: A privacy-friendly tool to embed HTML, CSS & JS code examples

Together with my dear friend André, I'm very excited to launch the first open-source project.

Indiepen is a simple, privacy-friendly and accessible tool to embed HTML, CSS & JS code examples. We were looking for an exciting service to embed code examples on our tech blog, but we couldn't find anything matching our requirements. We believe in cookieless solutions, without tracking or a ton of features we don't need.

Indiepen is a lightweight solution for a modern, fast and fair web.

UPDATE: We are so thankful for all the support! Indiepen got 250+ stars on GitHub, 100+ upvotes on Product Hunt, got mentioned in several newsletters, including JavaScript weekly, and we could write about Indiepen in Smashing Magazine. Thank you so much! 🙏

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